Some sociologists suggest that older people may be more pre­pared for death because of their age. That may be so; but it really isn't much consolation when someone loved dies. In fact, many older people may be more lonely because they have fewer friends and they have limited ability to get out and around. They have fewer options for social life and activities. It may even be hard to get to church or other activities they have always done. Older people may not wish to ask for help because they are afraid of imposing. 

Your offer of a ride to the store, a visit to a friend or church, help in straightening out paperwork or help with some household chores will often be happily accepted. While you are with them you can make it a point to listen if they wish to tell you about their loss. You can not make grief go away but you can help make it easier to bear.

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8/20/2013 08:47:33 pm

Elderly people who have problems with mobility, we need to devote a lot of care

10/27/2013 03:17:17 am

It's very important when we are older that we have a good health care

Brenda Harris
3/15/2021 04:07:27 pm

I lost my husband 3 yrs ago and we were married 55yrs and yes my grief is hard. Its hard to wake up without him or go to bed without him...So much heartache and grief for him...People who still have there mate don't know how lucky they are..


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    As part of my doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, when information on grief, bereavement, death and dying was scarce, some colleagues and I began group work with the bereaved. Out of that work grew interviews with widowers, training with funeral workers, clergy, social workers, hospice and medical personnel. 

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